Monday, April 19, 2010

I've Come To Wish You...

"An unhappy birthday, because you're evil and you lie!"

So my birthday is coming up and I've made my list. That's right, the illustrious birthday list. And mine is quite good.

Sketchbook Issue1 - Part 1

Sketchbook Issue 1 - Part 2

 Kate Spade 'Take A Chance' Necklace.
Oh wow, totally precious.

Crafty Girl Gift Set by Emily Elizabeth Jewelry
She's crafty, and she's just my type.

Green Quartz Ring by Sundance Jewelry

Silver Lining Pearl Ring by Sundance Jewelry
It looks like a white chocolate truffle or a petit four. Scrumptious.

and last but not least....

Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume
'Hello Daddy, Hello Mom, I'm you're ch-ch-ch-ch, FLOWER BOMB!'

 I sorry Joan Jett (and other girl), but that is what runs through my head every time I see an add for this perfume. I love it so though, I do I do.
So that's it. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Hey! But look what I bought today!

 Blue Bird Blouse from Anthropologie

Woot! And I snatched it before Cindy got it so bonus points for me. I've been watching this beauty ever since she was a wee gal on the new arrivals list. She make's me type in an Irish accent.

And I have a present for YOU! It's Noirohio's shop on ebay and she/he sell's cute getup's such as these:

But don't appreciate that last one too much because I'm bidding on it and planning to wear it on 80's night as I belt out Jessie's girl.

And yes, the store is based out of Ohio, because AMAZING FANTABULOUS things originate out of Ohio. I'll make a list later.

But first, here's a link to the shop:


  1. Voila:

  2. That is-- the Green Quartz ring...