Sunday, February 28, 2010

These Should Be Mine >_>

If only i didn't love clothes so much. If only i didn't love EVERYTHING so much.

No wait, that's a good thing. If only i didn't WANT everything so much. 

Yes, that's it.






And.....a little pink ellie!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Woah! Did Not See This Coming

This is a picture from a music video of "I'm turning Japanese" staring Kirsten Dunst as the beloved anime character Akihabara Majokko Princess as she dances around Tokyo making suggestive faces and harassing cute japanese girls. I kind of love it.

Here's a link to the youtube video:

Just spreading the love, you're welcome. 


I Am A Weaopon Of Massive Consumption

"It's not my fault, it's how I'm programmed to function". Such true words.

Well, i'm a bad mood of sorts so I've been lurking my favorite sites for a little lift. My first thought for some eye candy is the joyous site from known as threadless. I promised myself a while ago that i would stop wearing t-shirts in attempts to spend less money, acquire a better wardrobe, and appear more mature. I really miss them though. Maybe I'll reconsider my vow. Check out these killers.


Ha, can you tell I like comic books? I'm beginning to see a pattern....

Do any of you have favorites my threadless? I'd love to see em'.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If Love is Aces, Give me Spades

So, I love Kate Spade. I love how crisp the patterns are and how fresh the colour pallet is this season. I'm working on a  visual design project and chose to depict Kate and even after a month of being immersed in everything Kate Spade, I'm still enamored with the collection. 

Her inspiration was Coney Island. Tell me what you think of it!

Woah, sorry these pictures are so jumbly. Blogging is a lot tougher than I imagined. Next time, Polyvore! Any who, the images may not be cohesive but hopefully you can look by that. The product is quite compelling in my opinion. I hope you like it too!

P.S. - Any tips on how to post pictures better would be deeply appreciated.