Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello Lovers!!

*things (and people) I'm currently enjoying*

   1. ZOMG, crocheted dress guards for bikes. 

     2. Mini Chupa-Chups Ad

      3. Darling Clementine's Home


      4. DIY Cross-Stitch Pendant

      5. Fossil Handbags

(So freaking cute! Only 58$)

(B-E-A-utiful! 138$)

(Lovely color 168$)

(Medicine Bag Style *woot* 78$)


    6. Tabatha Coffey

Tabitha is so impressive to me. Like she so often says, she EXUDES confidence and power. I have no idea why her show fascinates me, because I have no interests in salons, hairstyles, or reality shows, but I seriously *love* Tabatha's Salon Takeover. She's crazy business savvy and hilarious.

     7. Weak in the Knees Illustration

Does anyone know who the illustrator who did this is? I love it so, but I just can't remember. Thanks!

~ Lisbeth


  1. Hi Lisbeth!
    so nice to hear from you...I think I've "lost" your blog I will follow you so it won't happen again! :)

    About Set Your Style you should ask the girl that started it and was running it with me...
    let's say she got bored of her toy and decide to destroy it transforming it into something that who knows what it is ... (it's an eternal complaint about italian politics and occasional random subjects ?!?)
    Not very smart but ok :)
    I'm just sorry because it was a great site and so many ppl are still asking about it...

    on another note I've fallen in love with the knee illustration you posted!!! I would love to know who is the author too!

  2. You can get the "Weak in the" print here:

  3. Uncle David, you're an encyclopedia of all things awesome.