Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hazzah, Hello Kitty Icons!

These are delightful 4x4 prints by Plasticgod.
(I apologize in advance, I'm going to do ridiculous play on words with these treasured icons. I know its wrong. I just can't help myself. And you'll secretly love it. Don't act like you're not excited.)

Kitty Stardust

'Live long, paws and fur'

Cat Cobain
Dear Daniel's Big Adventure

'The Persistence of Kitty'

'Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kitty' (aka: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me-The Cure)
Obscure reference for those of you who aren't Robert Smith fans >_>Anyways!

A Clockwork Cat

Kitty After All - (Daft Punk!!!)

Edward Scissorpaws 

Sgt. Puss's Lonely Hearts Club Band 
'We are K.I.T.T.Y.'

See? You enjoyed that. I can tell by that blank expression on your face.

These kitty prints are currently for sale at one of my favorite bricks & clicks operations, JapanLA.
Check em' out!


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